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How to use event categories to power consent templates

Event categories can be used to setup powerful templates that controls how a consent form is generated.

When an event is created it can be assigned an event category from a list of organisation-wide defined event categories. Then at the point the consent form is generated from a template it will use the event category to create a consent form specifically for that category.

1. Managing or adding a event categories

To manage or create a new event category go to Organisation templates and click on the Event categories tab, there you will find all the organisations event categories.

Screenshot for event categories

First, setup the category you want to use. In this case we are going to use the Interviews category.

2. How event categories work as tags in your template

An important thing to understand is how the event category will output into your template. When you understand this then using the conditional logic is easy.

If you use an event category within a liquid tag e.g. {{ event.category }} the value will output into the template. The output value can then be displayed or used in conditional logic (more on this later).

The output follows a simple formula. The Event category title is transformed into the singular form and then made “machine readable”.

We have a few examples below.

Examples of event categories and how they output into a template

Event category title Output
Interviews interview
Interview interview
Diary studies diary_study
Usability testing* usability_testing

* There may be some cases where we cannot automatically infer the singular form. This will then output the title.

You can always double check the output value on the event categories tab.

3. Using the event.category in the template

We have a quick start template that you can use which already includes some powerful conditional logic to get you started.

We also have a guide on how to use liquid, including an example using conditional logic with event categories.

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