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Email deliverability

The goal of any email you send is to reach the inbox. But that doesn’t always happen and there are many factors that play into deliverability.

Some of the factors lie with us (Consent Kit) and some with you (the Customer) as the sender.

How we strive for maximum deliverability

We use the latest best practices to ensure that emails sent on your behalf by Consent Kit have the best chance of reaching the inbox.

  1. Email authentication

    We authenticate all emails we send. This tells the world that emails sent from our domain are genuine and where it originates from.

  2. Built up domain reputation

    Many ISPs and mail servers use domain reputation to assess if the email is spam. We carefully build up the domain and IP reputation for the infrastructure over time. we do this to ensure maximum deliverability.

  3. Reputation monitoring

    Reputation can be damaged by high levels of bouncing emails or being marked as spam by a recipient. We have setup tools to watch our reputation and notify us if a problem occurs.

  4. Ensure good list hygiene

    We track outgoing emails and check for high bounce rates or spam rates. If we find one of these emails we will disable it and alert the relevant people so that can fix the problem.

Some things are out of our and your control

So… You have crafted the perfect email. Tried to adhere to the best practices. Sent it to people who are expecting an email from you and it can still does not hit the inbox.

  • Not all recipients will take the time to read your email. They may even mark it as spam or delete it without opening it. This kind of engagement is out of our control and can effect reputation.
  • Email servers can have over zealous or very strict policies setup. They can reject or block your email because of the method of sending or the content within it.

Help my emails are not delivering!!

You might become aware of a deliverability problem

  • You may have received notification from us about your an email that was not delivered.
  • You may have had a report from a participant that they are not getting your emails.

Here is a small guide on the possible issues and how to fix them.

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