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Email template cheat sheet

Email templates allow you to setup shareable pre-written or approved emails to use when asking for consent remotely.

There is a rich text editor to allow formatting and inserting of normal links. We also have a small set of Liquid tags, objects and filters that you can use in a template.

Using liquid for personalisation

Here is a list of all of the objects and tags you can use in your email templates.

Objects and tags populate the email template at the point of use, with information that is:

  1. taken from the person generating loading and using the email template, or
  2. that is true at the point of loading the email template when sending messages


Object Description
{{ }} The participant’s first name
{{ }} Researcher’s full name
{{ }} Researcher’s email address
{{ }} The organisation name from organisation settings

We have created a custom filter which inserts a uniquely generated link for each participant into the email.

Each consent url is unique to the participant and the event that the participant has been added to.

When sending out an email to a participant to ask for consent this link is required. It's best if you include it in each email template you create to avoid problems.

  {{ 'Set consent' | consent_url }}

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