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Product & feature news. Company updates for Consent Kit

# Enhanced form management. Close forms with a click!

New feature

We've introduced a new feature that enhances the flexibility and control you have over your forms.

Now, not only can you share your forms via a link, making it super easy to gather consent, agreements and data from anywhere, but you can also close these forms once you've gathered enough responses.

This is especially useful for managing response volumes and concluding data collection at the right time, maybe you've recruited enough people into your study. All manageable with just a single click within the forms settings area. You can even set a title and message to customise how the form looks when closed.

Screenshot of access setting on form

If you're already sharing forms via links, this added feature will help streamline your workflow even further.

# Beyond consent. Add NDAs and other agreements

New feature

Our mission is to streamline your research processes, making them as efficient and hassle-free as possible. Create, send, and manage NDAs and other agreements with the same ease and efficiency as consents.

Screenshot of access setting on form

All in one place compliance. Keep all your research agreements in one place and see at a glance who has signed the agreements on the project dashboard.

Screenshot of dashboard with agreements column

# Support for other languages for more inclusive research

New feature

We have added support for languages other than English.

Screenshot of setting the language for a form

When you change the language on a form, Consent Kit will use the locale to set the language for all the fixed text that is not customised by you.

This includes the following:

  • Any confirmation emails that are sent to participants

  • Form buttons, error messages, form labels, form hints and other fixed text

  • It will also localise dates and times

More inclusive research

We now support Spanish, French, Dutch and Arabic (with BETA support for right-to-left (RLT) languages).

We plan to add more languages in the near future so you can conduct research in the native language of your participants.

Are we missing a language you need?

If you are thinking about doing research in a particular language and need it added get in touch.

# New form builder


We have been hard at work rebuilding the form builder from the ground up.

Screenshot of the new form builder interface

We have big plans for many improvements within Consent Kit. The form builder is a core part of the product and was becoming a big blocker to some of the things that we wanted to add. So it was time for a major update.

It now has a new design which is easier to use and cleaner. The underlying technology has been completely rewritten.

In the coming months, we will be adding lots of extra things into the form builder to make your lives easier.

Next Up?

  • Extra question types to enrich your participant’s data

  • Different types of forms - NDAs and other Agreements (already in Alpha and being used by a few of our customers)

  • Form specific workflows and automations

  • More advanced form builder features like branching and skip logic

Help decide our roadmap?

Our product roadmap is almost 100% created by and prioritised from customer feedback.

If you have any ideas, or suggestions or want us to prioritise something, please let us know. We can’t guarantee it’ll be part of our software, but we promise to consider and talk it through internally.

We have setup a special email address that goes direct to the founders.

# More insight into email deliverability when sending to participants 👀

New feature

Email delivery is both an art and a science. We try to do as much as possible behind the scenes to make sure your emails hit the inbox.

We have written a few guides about this in our help centre. The best one to start with (if you are interested) is the Email Delivery Guide.

Along with the guides, we have added deliverability activities to the participant's activity feed.

They are pretty small changes but can really help give a better insight into how your emails are being sent.

Screenshot of the new features on the participant's activity feed

See when a participant has viewed a form

If a link within an email is clicked and the form viewed we now show this activity in the activity feed.

Sometimes it's useful to know if a participant has viewed a form. Especially when the participant has problems with their email or opening the form.

More information when an email has not reached the participant (bounced)

Assuming the email address has no typos, bounces are a rare occurrence. But if they happen then you need to know about it.

We now surface the bounce on the activity feed in with more detail and flag the issue in the dashboard.

# Email contents on a participant's activity feed ✉️

New feature

Behind the scenes Consent Kit builds an audit trail of evidence for lawful consent.

To comply with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc.. we need to record it correctly.The ICO states that when recording consent:

We keep a record of exactly what they were told at the time

This includes how consent is asked for via an email.

Consent Kit automates this for you. We capture the contents of emails that are sent asking for consent. Further building up the data in the audit trail.

This is important. The audit trail can be used to show that consent was given freely inline with data protection laws.

Apart from compliance, it is useful to know what has been communicated to a participant. So we have exposed this information on the participant’s activity feed.

Screenshot of the captured email in the activity feed

# Make templates more flexible with event categories


We listened to customer feedback and it turned out that event types were too inflexible. So we changed it 🎉

We have renamed event types to event categories and made the event categories customisable.

Screenshot of event categories in the templates section on Consent Kit
  • You now have more flexibility using event categories within your templates to help generate context specific consent forms.

  • Now instead of using a fixed list of event types with events, you can select from a dynamic list

Event categories can be anything you want, but for starters we have generated 5 event categories that map to the original event types.

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“Getting consent is so important but can be an admin nightmare. We’ve found Consent Kit to be invaluable, it saves us time and allows our researchers to focus on doing the research.”