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New feature

Email contents on a participant's activity feed

Behind the scenes Consent Kit builds an audit trail of evidence for lawful consent.

To comply with data protection laws like GDPR, CCPA, etc.. we need to record it correctly.

The ICO states that when recording consent:

We keep a record of exactly what they were told at the time

This includes how consent is asked for via an email.

Consent Kit automates this for you. We capture the contents of emails that are sent asking for consent. Further building up the data in the audit trail.

This is important. The audit trail can be used to show that consent was given freely inline with data protection laws.

Apart from compliance, it is useful to know what has been communicated to a participant. So we have exposed this information on the participant’s activity feed.

Event categories

New feature

Make templates more flexible with event categories

We listened to customer feedback and it turned out that event types were too inflexible. So we changed it 🎉

We have renamed event types to event categories and made the event categories customisable.

Event categories

  • You now have more flexibility using event categories within your templates to help generate context specific consent forms.
  • Now instead of using a fixed list of event types with events, you can select from a dynamic list

Event categories can be anything you want, but for starters we have generated 5 event categories that map to the original event types.

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“Getting consent is so important but can be an admin nightmare. We’ve found Consent Kit to be invaluable, it saves us time and allows our researchers to focus on doing the research.”