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Frequently asked questions

💰 How does your pricing work?
We have a per seat per month pricing model. One seat is any active user, whether that's an admin or someone doing research. See our Pricing page for more info.
🗄️ Where is my data stored?
We store and process data in the EU by default. We can switch that to the USA if you'd prefer, just let us know. Check out our Privacy Policy for a complete list of sub-processors.
👯 What if I need more seats?
You can add or remove seats at any time. We'll pro-rate any charges (whether you're paying monthly or annually) so you only pay for what you're using.
💬 What support options are available?
We've got extensive help docs, alongside in-app chat and email support on our standard plans. Our average response time was 18 mins in 2022. We're in the UK, but have customers globally.
📥 What happens to my data if I leave?
Your data is your data. If you decide to leave, we will provide you with a full download for your archives in both machine readable and human friendly formats. Then we fully delete everything (even email logs). Privacy first.
🔒 Do you do security questionnaires?
Yes, we will typically do questionnaires for free. If they're more than 50 questions, we may add a small one time fee to cover our time. We're also quite open about our security standards.

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