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All-in-one participant management.
For Research Ops.

Consent Kit is the infrastructure you need to run your own research recruitment at scale. Enable inclusive participation. Save time. Reduce risk.

Researchers save on average 45 minutes per participant with Consent Kit.
Get started in minutes. No credit card needed.

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How it works


All your participants under one roof

Consent Kit makes it easy to manage and grow your own research panel. Or integrate external recruiters or tools. Or maybe you're doing pop-up research, or need to screen people for a one off project? We understand how research happens so you can put recruitment on rails - no matter how you're working.

Explore Recruit

Research panels

Build your own database and bring everyone together under one roof.


Screen with qualifying logic from your panel or your project.

Cross-channel recruitment

Share a link to your panel sign-up form and recruit panellists from anywhere.

One invite. One link. Everything sorted.

Cut the chasing and manual work-arounds.

Streamline how you get participants ready for research. Save templates, so you can spin up future projects in a fraction of the time.

Explore Prepare

Consent & NDAs

Tailor best-in-class consent forms and NDAs, specific to your needs.


Seamlessly integrate your favourite scheduling tools.

Project dashboards

See what's happening at a glance, share it with your team.

Document workflows

Chain actions together cut out the back and forth.

Make your workflow
work for everyone

Not everyone speaks English. Some people don't have an email address. Others need assistive technology like a screen reader to get online. If anonymity is important, they might feel anxious about the consequences of talking with you.

We believe these things shouldn't exclude anyone from taking part in your research.

Explore Respect

Accessible & inclusive

WCAG 2.1AA compliant. Dyslexia friendly. Works great with screen readers and magnifiers.


Recruit participants in their preferred languages.

True GDPR ready

EU data storage and processing. Global search and subject access request reporting.

Reminders to delete

Get notified when it's time to delete data.

"Consent Kit is a complete game changer "

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    5 stars
  • Ease of use

    4.5 stars
  • Customer service

    5 stars
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More ops.
Less oops.

Free yourself from the grind of repetitive admin to find and prepare participants for research.

Improve the accuracy of your data collection and get the strategic insights you need to manage research recuitment at scale.

People sat around a dashboard

How Consent Kit compares


reduction in time to fill recruitment slots


reduction in researcher touch points


reduction in time to obtain consent


Mins admin time saved per participant

When compared to spreadsheets, regular email and DocuSign.

All-in-one participant management.

Free to get started for 14 days. Easy to add your whole research team.
Flexible monthly or annual plans. No credit card required.