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Walk the walk when it comes to your participant's needs

A diverse set of perspectives is essential to make sure your product or service is fit for purpose. To spot unintended consequences before they become problems. Or, to identify new opportunities while you can still act on them.

For us, respect means doing the work to understand and remove barriers to participation. In a remote first world, the tools you use shouldn't be that barrier.

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Accessibility & Inclusion

Make your workflow work for everyone

Accessibility is unfortunately often the first hurdle online tools fall at. Inclusive research recruitment calls for more than just WCAG 2.2AA compliance.

We're constantly developing our platform to support a broad range of inclusion needs, from people who are neurodivergent to people who are digitally excluded.

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Here's how we support inclusive research

  • WCAG 2.2 AA

  • Plain language templates

  • Multi-lingual

  • Dyslexia friendly

  • Assistive tech ready

  • Alternatives to email

Data governance

Put your data management and security on rails

Automate data collection in audit trails and make these available via Subject Access Requests. Scale safeguarding and assessments on project creation such as DPIAs or ethical review processes.

a consent card showing that someone has given granular permissions to process their data

Here's how we simplify data governance

  • Dynamic consent

  • Global search

  • Participant audit trails

  • Reminders to delete

  • Project assessments

  • DSAR reporting

Don't just take our word for it

Victoria Johnston - DesignOps Manager at Nile

“It’s all very well being an inclusive design practice — but if your participant journey is not inclusive, you’re actively excluding.

Consent Kit is key to making sure our participant management processes are as inclusive as possible.”

Victoria Johnston, DesignOps Manager at Nile

Read the case study

“For GDPR, Consent Kit has been a lifesaver in terms of being able to setup templates and capture all of the data in one place. The team absolutely love it.”

Imeh Akpan
Head of Design Research at TPXImpact

“I was always aware [with PDFs] accessibility was an issue. Our accessibility team did a lot of research with [ConsentKit] so I know the process is good.”

Senior User Researcher
Major UK Government Dept.

Data ethics & security as standard

Designed to minimise the spread of personally identifiable information across notifications, your tools and your workflow.

Automatic encryption and bank grade security keep responses safe in a secure, access managed location.

Find out more about how we keep your data compliant and safe

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End to end participant management

Free to get started for 14 days. Easy to add your whole research team.
Flexible monthly or annual plans. No credit card required.