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About Us, Research Safely & Responsibly

Getting consent forms approved and making sure everything is compliant can take weeks, slowing down time-to-learning and insights. We believe respecting participants - when done right - builds trust and leads to better outcomes. It shouldn’t be harder to do the right thing, but defining compliant workflows and scaling them can be.

That’s why we started Consent Kit.

We're independent

We're self-funded and profitable. We believe in growing slowly and sustainably. We only answer to one group of investors - our customers.

We are remote

Although we’re mainly located in Manchester, UK - we’ve been fully remote since we started in 2018. Incidentally, this has made us more resilient and flexible to deal with unforeseen circumstances as they happen.

We take data seriously

We may be small, but we are trusted by organisations like the UK Government, Co-op and Babylon Health. With that responsibility comes a level of compliance and security required to navigate the scrutiny of the most demanding procurement processes.

The founders

Ben and Phil first met at Co-op Digital and shared a passion for bootstrapping and an ambition to build a meaningful and sustainable organisation.

Their first commit to the codebase was on January 9th, 2019.

  • A profile picture of Phil Hesketh

    Phil Hesketh

    Founder / CEO

    Phil has worked in Design and Research for over 10 years in both the public and private sectors in the UK and USA. In 2017 he founded Ethics Kit and began researching how teams can give space for ethics in a design context. Through this research he identified several challenges around managing informed consent and began working on what would become Consent Kit.

  • A profile picture of Ben Aldred

    Ben Aldred

    Founder / Engineering

    Ben has worked as an Software Engineer for over 17 years and is an active member of the Ruby on Rails and Microconf communities. In 2013 he founded LeanConf which went on to become the biggest conference dedicated to the Lean Startup methodology in Europe.

Stop worrying

We want to help remove the stress in your workflow. Try Consent Kit free for 14 days. No credit card required.

Still not sure? Have a few questions? Why not book a free demo with our friendly team.