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About us

You've got a lot on your plate. A team of researchers who are seriously up against it. Legal want to know what's happening with your data. Product owners who need insights to inform what they do next. KPIs to make your tools more accessible, or to reduce spend on recruitment. Research Ops might not even be your full time job, but you are determined to make it work at your organisation.

You can go a long way with spreadsheets and surveys. But the messiness of constantly jumping between tools means that you and your team are spending a lot of time filling in those blanks. Good admin is the foundation of great research, but it's not the first thing you think about when you think about how to multiply your impact. And yet, it is where you end up spending so much of your time and energy.

You need something that will help you make sense of what is going on. Help save you precious time. Something to keep track of projects when people leave or move teams. Something to tell you when data needs to be deleted, and where it is. Something that does the heavy lifting on data protection, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Because research is about people. And designing a process that works for people is complicated. What if they already signed an NDA? What if English isn't their first language? What if they don't have email? Or they need assistive technologies? First impressions count.

Our story

We created Consent Kit for teams who believe in responsible research. Making things simpler or more efficient will always be a motivation to switch your tool set. But we think that's just the baseline. How can we make it easier to do research responsibly than it is to do it any other way? Whether that's streamlining the processes, being accessible as standard or even automating compliance.

When GDPR dropped in 2018, there were no CRMs built just for research. eSignatures were hard to sign using a screen reader and even harder for you and your team to manage. We felt a strong pull to make something different, and we did.

Today Consent Kit is used by responsible researchers around the world, from freelancers to entire government departments. We've made huge progress over the last few years, but we still feel like we're just getting started. We are independent by design, so we only have to answer to you - our customers.

Meet our founders

Our mission

The way we see it, products and services are shaping the world around us. Research and design are powerful engines to understand and navigate that change. We want to ensure that the voices included represent the people who those changes will affect. To do that we need to address some of the barriers which have traditionally excluded people taking part. Namely, making people to feel comfortable about how their data is being used, enabling accessible workflows and creating opportunities for digital inclusion.

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