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Everything you need to run research recruitment at scale

Consent Kit's specialised CRM helps government organisations manage participant data with ease. Spend less time on admin, and more time on research that drives results.

"It's like a single source of truth for all our participant data"
Senior User Researcher, UK Government

Save hours of time and increase operational efficiency
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Improve diversity and inclusion across your recruitment
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Ensure privacy and compliance at every step
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Managing participants across multiple spreadsheets?
The same person signed up to your panel 4 times?
Not sure what needs to happen next?

Your research data can get really messy, really fast.

Consent Kit gives you the capabilities you need to create a streamlined, repeatable recruitment strategy — so your researchers have greater visibility and control over every project.

If your ReOps looks like this...

  • No visibility into research happening across your organisation

  • It's a struggle to keep track of participant data

  • Existing consent forms are not accessible

  • Working with third-parties creates gaps in participant data

  • It's difficult to onboard new researchers and consultants

We can help you fix it

  • Standardize your recruitment process across teams

  • Get new researchers set up quickly

  • Track research progress in real time

  • Easy onboarding for third-party recruiters and consultants

  • Eliminate barriers to creating diverse participant pools

A complete data management ecosystem that enables government organizations to safely move faster with research

Templates and automation

Simplify your entire recruitment process

Consent Kit eliminates hours of manual admin when it's recruitment time, making the process faster and easier—for everyone.

  • Save time juggling spreadsheets, emails, and paperwork

  • Customize workflows to suit your needs

  • Simple to use for researchers and participants

Dashboards and reporting

Get more control over your recruitment process

With Consent Kit, you can see a complete snapshot of what's happening with each project, and what needs to be done next. Researchers can get up to speed fast if they've just joined, or quickly hand over tasks to another researcher if they're moving on.

  • Keep all your project data in one central place

  • Track research progress in real time

  • Optimize every step of your process

Research panels

Recruit more participants in less time

Consent Kit lets you build your own internal research panel so you can remove bottlenecks and drastically reduce recruitment times.

  • Segment and differentiate participants

  • Develop your knowledge of panelists with each interaction

  • Create shareable recruitment surveys so people can learn more and sign themselves up

Privacy by design

Improve data governance and management

Consent Kit has security and compliance built in. Get peace of mind that you're meeting all necessary data and privacy regulations, and increase participants' trust in your organization.

  • Increase transparency around the research process

  • Give participants control over their own information

  • Keep data secure and clean in an access-managed location

Consent Kit is an approved
Crown Commercial Services Supplier

Crown Commercial Service Supplier logo

We've been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s G-Cloud 13 agreement.

This means we've passed all the requirements to deliver the level of technology and support expected by UK government departments—giving you peace of mind when you're running research recruitment at scale.

“The support we’ve had has been fantastic. It doesn’t feel like Consent Kit is this faceless company that we’re dealing with.”

Anonymous Gov Profile

Research Ops Lead
Major Gov. Dept.

“I've been using Consent Kit for a few months now and it is a game changer - thanks to you and your team for your work on the product.”

Anonymous Gov Profile

Senior User Researcher
Major Gov. Dept.

“Accessibility was an issue with our old forms. Our accessibility team use Consent Kit regularly, so I know it’s good.”

Anonymous Gov Profile

Senior User Researcher
Major Gov. Dept.

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