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About projects

Projects are how we manage work in Consent Kit.

A Project is made up of multiple “Events”. An Event is how we describe a single round of research, for example: Interviews, usability tests or a workshop. Each Event has it’s own consent form and can have an unlimited number of participants.

When you create a project, you become the Project Owner for that project.

As Project Owner you can:

  • Create Events
  • Edit the consent form
  • Add and remove Participants
  • Ask for consent remotely or in person
  • Invite others to collaborate with you
  • Manage event notifications

In this section, we will go through these steps to create your own project.

Create a project

Create a project, steps 1 and 2

From the top nav, click on the Project Switcher drop down (to the right of the Consent Kit logo).

Select “Create New Project” from the drop down.

Create a project, steps 3 and 4

Give your project a name, then press “Next”.

Create a project, steps 5 and 6

These are the default event categories available in Consent Kit. We use the event category to dynamically create content for your consent form, so you have less to type each time.

Choose one and click on Create Project.

Create a project step 7

Now your document is created, you can either start editing it now or come back to it later. We’re going to edit it later so we can show you the project dashboard.

Create a project step 8 and 9

This is your Project Dashboard. You can add new events and edit your project or delete it from the project settings (8).

(9) This is the event you selected when creating the project. We’ve given it a name for you, but if you want to change it select “Event Actions” dropdown on the right and select “Edit Event”.

From your event, you can edit your consent form or ask for consent remotely or in person.

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