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Invite your team

Research is a team sport! One of the strengths of Consent Kit is having a repeatable, scalable process that people of any level of experience can pick up and use to obtain consent and manage research data in an ethical and compliant way.

Only an Owner can invite someone to an organisation

If you’ve not seen it already - take a look at the different roles and permissions people can have in Consent Kit.

How to invite people

  1. Click on the account icon in the top right corner of the app.

  2. Choose “Manage Team” from the Organisation section in the drop down menu.

  3. Click “Invite Team Members” on the right hand side

  4. Enter their email address.

  5. Click “Send an invitation”. We’ll send them a link from you, with instructions on how to set up their account.

How to invite people, step 1 and 2 How to invite people, step 3 How to invite people, step 4 and 5

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