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2 Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security for your Consent Kit account. It makes sure that you’re the only person who can access your account, even if someone else has your password.

For Consent Kit, this additional layer of security is a unique code generated by an app on your phone. It’s called two factor authentication because you need this code AND your password to access the account.

We strongly advise that you enable 2 Factor Authentication for your account.

Before you start

If you don’t have an authenticator app installed on your phone already, you’ll need to download one. Google’s Authenticator app is free and does the job.

How to find it

Log into your Consent Kit account.

How to find it, steps 1 and 2

  1. Click on the account icon in the top right corner of the app

  2. Choose “Account Settings” from the drop down menu.

  3. On the Manage Account page, select “Security” from the side menu on the left.

  4. From the security page, click the green “Enable two-factor authentication” button.

How to find it, steps 3 and 4

How to enable 2FA

You should be on a page with three steps and a barcode (on step 2).

  1. Open up the Authenticator app you downloaded to your phone. Click on the + icon and select “Scan a barcode”.

  2. After you’ve scanned the barcode with the app, it will give you a 6 digit number. Enter that number on step 3.

  3. Click “Enable two-factor authentication”.

Don’t lock yourself out

Download the codes on the following page and keep them somewhere safe. If you ever lose your phone and get locked out of your account, you wont be able to get back in without contacting us.

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