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Roles and permissions

Within Consent Kit there are two main roles that you and your team can have: Owners and Members.


Owners are basically the administrators for the organisation. They have access to everyone’s projects and are allowed to make changes to the organisation, such as editing organisation templates, your data retention policy or branding.

Alongside being able to do everything a Member can, Owners also have access to the “All Projects” dashboard. All Projects lets you see activity across the organisation, and search for participants in order to handle requests for information and withdrawals.

By default, the first person added to the organisation becomes an Owner. You can change that persons permissions by visiting “Manage Team” in the organisation settings dropdown and selecting a new role.

You must have at least one Owner per organisation, although we recommend having at least two.


The Member role is automatically assigned to new people each time you invite them to your organisation.

Members only have access to projects they create, or have been invited to collaborate on.

Members as Project Owners

When a Member creates a project, they become the Project Owner for that project. As a Project Owner they control the administration for that project, for example: all notifications or participant emails will be directed to them and they can invite and manage other Members to collaborate on that project.

As a Project Owner, Members can ask for consent, link to recordings and delete participants.

If you invite other Members to your project, they will only be able to ask for consent and add new participants using documents you have created.

An example

Let’s say Alex is Head of Research and has signed up to Consent Kit. Alex is the Owner.

Alex invites Sam who is a Researcher. Sam is a Member.

Sam works with Taylor who is an Engineer interested in research. Sam asks Alex to invite Taylor to Consent Kit, as only an Owner can do this. Taylor is a Member.

Sam creates a new project and sets up the consent form. Sam invites Taylor to collaborate as they will be going out independently to speak to people. Sam is the Project Owner.

When the interviews are over, Sam removes Taylor from the project and retains all of the consents that Taylor obtained.

Alex, using the All Projects dashboard, can see that Sam and Taylor have obtained consent and that they have linked the recordings and research data they collected.

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