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Setup Google SAML with Consent Kit

Step by step instructions on how to setup Google SAML with Consent Kit.

Setup a SAML app within Google Admin

  1. In your Google Admin console (at
  2. Go to Apps > Web and mobile apps
  3. Click Add app > Add custom SAML app Screenshot of add SAML app

Configure the custom SAML app

Setup 1 - App details

  1. Name the app
  2. Optionally get a copy of our logo to upload

Step 2 - Google Identity Provider details

Download the metadata and keep this. We will be using it later.

Step 3 - Service provider details

  1. For ACS URL use
  2. For the Entity ID use
  3. Check Signed response to encrypt the SAML responses
  4. For Name ID set this to EMAIL

It should end up looking something like this. Screenshot of Google SAML app setup

Step 4 - Attribute mapping

  1. Click FINISH

Once that is setup then we are one step away from being done.

Final step - send the configuration to us

Send the config file to us that you downloaded from Step 2 above. Or get in touch and we can collect the information securely.

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