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Reduce your spend on participant recruitment Beta

Consolidate your existing sources of participants into a central research panel. Turbo-charge recruitment times and automate your data hygiene and governance.

Screenshot of the panels page showing some filters and a table of panellists
Open Data Manchester

Now essential for all my projects.

A picture of Clara
Clara Parada
Lead Researcher, Open Data Manchester
Babylon Health

The support has been fantastic.

A picture of Taylar
Taylar Boowmeester
Accessibility Associate, Babylon Health

It's time to bring everyone together

Recruiting from multiple spreadsheets or databases? The same person signed up to your panel 4 times? Not sure when someone last took part?

Get more panellists. Do less work.

See exactly what's happening with your participants. Remove bottlenecks and slash recruitment times. Stay on top of your data hygiene and governance.

Build your own self serve research hub

Create shareable recruitment surveys so people can learn about your research panel and sign up for themselves.

Automate data hygiene and governance

Check if someone already signed up before they sign up again. Merge duplicates from imports. Keep contact details, consent and NDAs fresh and relevant.

Recruit the right people

Segment and differentiate panellists. Set rules so your researchers find the participants they need, without having to ask. Or access the whole panel unnecessarily.

Paint a clearer picture over time

Develop your knowledge and understanding of panellists with each interaction. Give them control and agency over their own data.

Search and filter previous screeners

Search and filter panellists based on their previous screener answers. So you don't need to ask the same questions over and over again.

See what's happened in the past

See the participant's history of interactions and if they took part in other projects.
Screenshot of a form where the panellist can update their own data in the panel
A picture of Mingxi

Consent Kit is a better way of contacting users, of knowing where they are and how we can manage their data while really being confident that we are taking their data and privacy seriously.

Mingxi Zhang

Interim Head of Research, TPXimpact

Everything you need to scale research admin

Made by researchers, for researchers. Operationalise your research admin from one place.

Project management

  • Project dashboards
  • Audit trails
  • Reminders to delete
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Data governance

  • Live consent forms
  • Governance reporting
  • APIs for integration
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Document management

  • Adaptive digital signatures
  • Personalised modular templates
  • WCAG 2.1 AA out of the box
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Data ethics & security as standard

Designed to minimise the spread of personally identifiable information across notifications, your tools and your workflow.

Automatic encryption and bank grade security keep responses safe in a secure, access managed location.

Find out more about how we keep your data compliant and safe

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