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Scale rigour and safety in your research process

Reduce operational risk. Stay on top of privacy laws. Protect your participant's rights.

Screenshot of the admin dashboard showing all projects, participants and when data needs to be deleted
Culture Shift

Consent Kit gives us the confidence that we are ticking all the boxes we need to, to make our participants feel safe and secure.

A picture of Vimla
Vimla Appadoo
Head of Design, CultureShift
Noisy Cricket

Consent Kit has helped us reassure and track participants in complex, ever shifting projects, allowing us to move quickly.

A picture of Lauren
Lauren Coulman
Founder & CEO, Noisy Cricket

Establish a rock solid consent management process

Struggling to keep track of where all your data is? Do things get complicated when people leave or move teams? Don’t know your DPIA from your DSAR?

Build trust through transparency

Trust in organisations to store and use personal data responsibly is falling. It’s time to turn that around.

The most informed informed consent

Give participants meaningful information about your research, based on the specifics of your project. Get your templates approved and scale best-in-class informed consent across your teams.

Level the imbalance of power

Give participants meaningful control over what you record and how you use it. Show them you’ve got their back, right from the get-go.

Built in subject access reporting

If a participant asks to see their data, you can roll everything up into a single, shareable report in seconds. Action requests to delete and notify responsible parties without breaking a sweat.

See the bigger picture

Go from a birds eye view across all projects down to specific interactions with each individual participant. Who was asked what and when. What they gave permission for. And where their data is now.

Find your needle in the haystack

Search all projects a participant has taken part in from a single location. So you can see what data you have, what permission you have to use it and when you need to delete it.

You'll never forget to delete data again

You get reminders to delete based on whatever retention period you agreed with each participant. We’ll tell you where the data is and escalate it automatically if the original researcher is no longer on the project.
Showing data from across all projects for a participant after searching using their email address
A picture of Lucy

Getting consent for GDPR is so important but can be an admin nightmare. We’ve found Consent Kit to be invaluable, it saves us time and allows our researchers to focus on doing the research.

Lucy Tallon

Chief Product Officer, Co-op

Everything you need to scale research admin

Made by researchers, for researchers.

Research panels

  • Build your research hub
  • Democratise access
  • Data hygiene tools
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Document management

  • Adaptive digital signatures
  • Personalised modular templates
  • WCAG 2.1 AA out of the box
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Project management

  • Project dashboards
  • Audit trails
  • Reminders to delete
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Data ethics & security as standard

Designed to minimise the spread of personally identifiable information across notifications, your tools and your workflow.

Automatic encryption and bank grade security keep responses safe in a secure, access managed location.

Find out more about how we keep your data compliant and safe

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